• Complete brand design
  • Numerous print and marketing materials
  • Product photography
  • Website and online store


My work with WAHSSIE, LLC began with a complete identity design.  The focus of their couture dog clothes business was to provide quality, big-ticket outfits, at lower prices. They wanted to target both an affluent clientele, as well as those desiring quality fashion ( but not willing to pay top dollar), and would see the price as a good value.

As a part of the identity design, I chose a light on dark theme and designed a logo (logotype/wordmark) reminiscent of typical high end fashion brands, with the important addition of a paw as a recognizable element and whimsical accent. Color was used subtlety, so the clothing would stand out. Imagery, as well, was created in silhouette for the same reason. To support the overall brand design, I came up with the tagline “Trendy dog clothes at humane prices.” This satisfied their desire to appeal to their target market, while retaining a down to earth attitude–a bit pretentious, but not too much.

For the product imagery, I did a series of photo shoots using life-sized canine mannequins. The setup was done in a way to provide consistent, high quality product shots, with the ability to be replicated for the addition of future product lines. Photos were edited and knocked out for use as the sole photographic element in all promotional and marketing pieces.

Print work consisted of various marketing collateral, banners, sizing charts and signage for events and show displays.  Designs with the best responses were adapted to future pieces.

For their initial launch, I designed and developed their website, adhering to the evolved identity and overall brand. The goal was to keep the design balanced between high-end couture, yet slightly playful and sympathetic to every day dog lovers. For sales, the site incorporated an open source cart and CMS, customized to include event discounts, coupons, valued customer pricing and sizing guides.

Also important to their business model, I incorporated connections to various local dog communities’ social networks.  They primarily focused on the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, yet their presence in the larger dog community was vital to their brand, consistent with their ethics and practices. In addition to regularly doing shows, judging competitions and gaining wholesale customers across the US, they donated a portion of all sales to dog rescue and foster organizations.