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This long-time relationship with Downtown Dogs Minneapolis started with a complete identity redesign and rebranding. I capitalized on their location and initial target audience of metropolitan professionals in need of dog daycare. I designed the logo to mimic a street sign, and designed a new paw print–with moderate liberty–from an actual canine print. I combined the logo with imagery of downtown Minneapolis to develop a cityscape theme, which I carried over to an initial business card and postcard.

The response was positive and immediate, and led to more refinement and additional promotional materials and ad design. They grew and added boarding. They were ready to let me completely redesign their website using a CMS, incorporating a photo gallery and a blog. This gave them greater exposure, and created two big draws to the site. They gained increased traffic, both from people sharing photos, and from regularly published articles. The two sections displayed their work and love for the dogs in their care, and showed their extensive knowledge, passion and commitment to the local dog community*. As a result of the rebranding effort and website redesign (and their commitment to grow a solid business), their web traffic increased from triple digits to over 16,000 unique visits.

After many additional design pieces, and once they were familiar with the overall brand, I created a system of templates for all their common items, including layouts, typefaces and commonly used photo and graphic elements. This equipped them to make minor edits, and create new pieces, giving them better control over their promotional materials.

Our last revision efforts included the 3rd evolution of the website, and an additional logo variation–a shiny, stylized version with gradients and highlights, to compliment their flat version.


*Special appreciation and gratitude to Anne, owner of Downtown Dogs, for her dedication to the animals, and for the business. She placed a lot of trust in me over the years, giving me control and creative freedom over the Downtown Dogs brand. It was a pleasure growing our skills and businesses together.