Meadow Creek – Identity Design

  • Logo Design
  • Style & use guide for rebrand
  • Web design and development





I was hired as part of a rebranding effort, to redesign their identity and provide guidelines to maintain consistency and cohesion as they worked with various vendors.

I designed a combination of images–a logo/logomark, logotype/wordmark, and a combination mark. The previous logo contained green trees, green hills and a blue stream. To stick with the nature/meadow theme, I did a series of sketches of various wild plants, flowers, insects, etc., that related to their wetland environment. They settled on simple grass and cattails.

I then worked with the typeface for the logotype. I incorporated blades of grass, to tie it together with the grass in the logo, and to add some subtle, yet distinct accents which would work well when the wordmark was used alone. I addressed the color treatment by switching from the bold, bright summer greens and blues, to fall earthtones.

I created the necessary documentation, created a style and use guide, and filled requests for some additional instructions and image formats for unique internal needs. While awaiting scheduled website training for the staff, I worked with their vendors, so they could begin ordering awnings and signage consistent with their new identity.

In conjunction with the identity design , I did the required discovery, planning and IA for a new website. Once the logo and color palette were complete, I extended that work to the website, with design and development of a clean, flat, responsive design, built on a popular CMS. I held a couple training sessions. They were thrilled with the results, and their ability to take control of the site, as well as having the necessary materials to proceed confidently with the rebranding.