Who I Am

I provide many services, including web design & development, print design, brand/identity design and interactive media. I am a seasoned multidisciplinary designer/developer. I am a User Interface (UI) Designer, with a focus on the overall User Experience (UX). I enjoy hands-on creativity and design in almost any medium. 

i create

I believe that as humans, we are inherently creative beings, having been created in the image of our Creator. One of my purposes on this planet is to simply create, with whatever materials are available. My creative abilities, a background in psychology and technical design skills all blend seamlessly allowing me to give my clients exactly what they are really looking for; more than just a pretty site, but a comprehensive user experience with purpose and intent. It is a gift and a blessing to work in a field where I make a living doing something I’m passionate about. I know most people in the world (or even this country) don’t get that opportunity.

Strength’s Finder

For those that care,this is deep… Eric’s Gallup Strength’s Finder results.