As a seasoned multidisciplinary designer/developer and owner of Manna Studio, I design and build products for web, print and media. Though I do other design work regularly, my main focus is the web. It’s where the bulk of my work has been for years.

My experience working with all aspects of a project’s life cycle gives me unique perspective, and allows me to function beyond narrowly defined roles. I perform well in a variety of areas, but I am passionate about, and continue to pursue the following roles in particular:


I enjoy hands-on creativity and design in almost any medium, but my main work passion is design for web/mobile. I am a User Interface (UI) Designer, with a focus on the overall User Experience (UX). I design responsive, user-centered interactive experiences. This includes ongoing evolution, in response to user feedback, market research, analytics, business goals, and user needs.

In practice, my role as designer is more comprehensive than just visual design (the part people tend to recognize easily). I do that, but my work also includes Interaction Design (IxD), and other activities related to UX. This includes the psychological aspects of the design, and how users interact and respond to it. My creative abilities, background in psychology and technical design skills all work well together, resulting in better service to my clients, a better product and design that becomes much more than simple aesthetic. It has purpose and intent.


Beyond planning and designing things that are effective, visually appealing and pleasant to interact with, I also build and deploy sites. This front-end development involves coding, working with the appropriate technologies, scripts and web applications that are necessary to integrate the visual design, layout, content, functionality and interaction into a cohesive final product. I spend a lot of my time building sites–coding HTML/CSS, and modifying php templates, creating custom WordPress themes, integrating jQuery scripts or other web apps. For me, the relationship and contrast between creative design and logical coding is very satisfying, and makes the work more fun and interesting.

what I’m looking for

After spending years working by building unique teams as projects required, I am now looking for a change. I would like to be a part of a more established team with other skilled professionals, in order to do the level and quality of work I should be spending my time on. Simply put, I would like to work in an environment with regular access to other smart people, for collaboration and challenge, in order to spur more effective growth and continue advancing in the field. If you think I might be a good fit for your team, I welcome the opportunity to discuss it.

There’s one more role to mention…


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