Boldenow and Associates

This high-end developer designs and builds custom old-world homes. They are incredibly skilled, and their work is nothing less than breathtaking. They wanted a way to present the beauty and impression of their work in a way that would be emotionally appealing, as well as give the viewer a bit of the feeling of actually experiencing some of the living spaces they’ve created.


I worked with them to plan and develop a multi-use, animated presentation that would allow us to distribute it both on CD-Rom, as well as display it on the web as their main website. The response to all the materials has been outstanding, and even though we’ve only made minor changes in the last couple years, the feedback continues to be extremely positive. It continues to put them in the spotlight for many magazines and other high-visibility venues. The CD’s are still kept, circulated and praised, even 5 years later! Keep an eye on this site for new works and upcoming projects.